The iGPSPORT Dashboard is your training partner and coach.

The Dashboard provides a wealth of information and data allowing you to track your rides in detail.

The dashboard provides the following features:

ACTIVITIES: Provides a list of all your rides recorded through the iGPSPORT App. Click on a activity to provide a detailed breakdown of the ride.

TRIP CALENDAR: Allows you to search for rides based on calendar dates.

ROAD BOOK NAVIGATION: Roadbook allows you to plot a route and upload it into your compatible iGPSPORT cycling computer. You can even make the route public for other cyclists to upload, or you can select a route saved by other cyclists.

RANKINGS: Join our growing community of global cyclists and rank yourself against them…. nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Of course, you can set your profile to private if you don’t want to share your activities.

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The iGPSPORT companion app connects to our GPS cycling computers via Bluetooth allowing you to sync your rides giving you a wealth of information and data.

Connect and share your rides with our growing global community of cyclists.

You can also pair the iGPSPORT app to Strava and TrainingPeaks allowing you to automatically upload and share your ride.

The iGPSPORT App is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above and Android 5.0 and above.