Updated: Oct 8, 2021

As smartphones have grown in functionality (and price) and with the popularity of Strava and other dedicated performance applications you are probably thinking ...... why do I need a cycling computer?

Well, here are the benefits of using a cycling computer for both professional and recreational use:

  • Dedicated functions for cyclists: Cyclists who measure their performance usually need a dedicated instrument. The benefits include:

  • They weigh less: The iGS520 weights approx. 65 grams compared to an iPhone 12 which weighs 164 grams.

  • Better connectivity: iGPSPORT cycling computers like the iGS520 also offer Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ connectivity which allows quick and easy connection to sensors and data transmission. The iPhone does not offer ANT+ so you would need to buy a separate dongle.

  • Dedicated display: Cycling computers also have large displays so you can monitor your performance quickly and safely in real time.

iGPSPORT cycling computers are compatible with popular training apps like Strava and Training Peaks allowing you to capture and share that important ride data!

  • Smartphone battery drain: Using a smartphone can quickly drain your battery. Having a dedicated cycling computer allows you to capture all that important data without risking your smartphone battery. Our new iGS320 cycling computer has a a industry leading battery life of 75 hours and of course you want to make sure you preserve your smartphone battery in case of emergency!

And if you are worried about missing that important call or text our cycling computers also offer call and text notifications.

  • Keep your smartphone safe: Smartphones are expensive and do not handle the elements very well and they are usually much more expensive than a cycling computer. iGPSPORT cycling computers all offer an industry leading IPX6 or IPX7 waterproof rating so you can ride with piece of mind even on rainy days.

In summary, cycling computers are purpose built with riding in mind. They last longer, are crash and rain proof and most importantly will help you take your riding to the next level.

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